Formosan Wild Boar

51km / 4100m D+ (ITRA-4, UTMB® qualification)

start 3:30am 12th May 2018

  • This is option is for skilled runners who dare go beyond their limits. You can expect lot elevation and technical trails in this course.
  • You have to be fully independent and carry everything what is necessary for stay in deep forest.
  • 17hours to finish – Most important is cut time in CPB on 24.5km, you have to reach it before 9:30am (6:00 hours after start)
  • Finisher
    • <10h Black Boar and ton of glory
    • <11h Black Boar
    • 11-13h Golden Boar
    • 13-15h Silver Boar
    • 15-17h Bronze Boar
    • 17h+ Dirty Boar and ton of pain



51km / 4100m D+ (ITRA-4, UTMB® qualification)

start 3:30am 12th May 2018

  • 這是一個有經驗技術的選手想要挑戰超越自己的限制,此賽程有很大的高低起伏及技術性的山徑。
  • 請注意這段50公里是最有挑戰的路段,必須確定體能狀況及技巧
  • 避免惡劣天氣,CPB會嚴格執行關門時間,視天氣狀況,為安全理由,主辦單位有權利縮短關門時間,請選手務必遵行

IMPORTANT! ITRA 420 general performance index is minimum to join TBT50. Or be already finisher of TBT50 under 18hours. Or significant experience with  similar or adventure races. Please contact us if any question or doubts. We wish increase safety of this event, thank you for understanding.

Cut times
  • cp-B 9:30am (redirect to finish 40km)
  • cp-C 3pm (DNF)


Formosan Barking Deer

25km / 1820m D+ (ITRA-2, UTMB® qualification)

start 6:30am 12th May 2018

  • If you have already experienced with trail running and wish try more this is for you.
  • You have to be very independent in nature and carry all equipment as in Wild Boar course. It is very challenging and it will take you many hours to cover this course.



25km / 1820m D+ (ITRA-2, UTMB® qualification)

start 6:30am 12th May 2018

  • 如果您已經有很多跑越野山徑的經驗,並且希望可以嘗試更多,此賽程非常適合。
  • 您必須在大自然非常獨立,並且攜帶充足的裝備(如同野豬賽程的選手)。
Cut times
  • basically there is not possible DNF due difficult access to both check points, please consider your skills before sign up for TBT25.


Formosan Rock Macaque

12km / 750m D+

start 7:00am 12th May 2018

  • Very nice trail in in betel nuts farms, nice forest with no many challenging parts.
  • It is very suitable for occasional runners or runner’s who would like gain experiences with trails.



12km / 750m D+

start 7:00am 12th May 2018

  • 此賽道為非常棒的檳榔樹徑,沒有很多技術難度的部份。
  • 這是非常適合偶爾跑步的跑者,或是想要獲得更多山徑經驗的跑者。


Formosan Flying Squirrel

start 8:00 am 12th May 2017

  • Fun hike best for very beginners or kids with parents
  • Include T-shirt, finisher medal,and meal for finisher
  • Not timing of this category, only finishers.
  • Kids younger than 10 years has to participate with one adult!
  • agreement under age of 18 (please send to Download Parents Agreement



start 8:00 am 12th May 2018



The Beast Trail in Google Map

Open map here:


GPS device is mandatory equipment for

TBT50 GPS裝備必為強制性裝備

you can download .gpx files in two ways:


  • we recommended use Locus Free for Android devices (can download certain maps and upload .gpx or .kml track)
  • simple elevation chart and map is also available (final map will be published few weeks before race)




  • Course of 4,12,25 and 50km are same as in 2017


Official marking on course

  • Red ribbon with reflective stripe and pink satin ribbons.
  • Runner must stay on the marked course. Shortcuts are not permitted. If you get lost, please return to the last sighted marking.
  • Please note that course will be marked prior to the race, there is still the possibility of markings being defaced or removed by vandals.