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25th May 2018

Registration is for 11/5/2019 is OPEN. You may register in NEW registration system.

9th May 2018
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for The Beast Trail 野獸山徑重要宣達
Compulsory Equipment for 25 and 50km include Waterproof jacket. Three days with rain and cold, up in mountains is really really cold.

25和50公里的強制性裝備包含防水外套。 連續三天下雨,山上真的真的很冷

for 50km has to be Jacket with hood and made with a waterproof (recommendation: minimum 10,000 Schmerber) and breathable (recommendation: RET lower than 13) membrane (Gore-Tex or similar).

for 25km same good jacket as for 50km or combination of normal (light) jacket and rain cover, because we understand many of you may not have membrane jacket. If you own good one please take it.

Go pickup your race pack in Salomon store
Who did choose get race pack by personal pickup (all parcels were successfully delivered), please go to Salomon store in following days:

start list (include information about race pack and shuttle bus):

Do not hesitate use 30% voucher for buy last minute gear. Course may be muddy so If you do not have grip shoes you may for example purchase Salomon SpeedTrak for your "wild runs".

 9th May 11am – 9pm
 10th May 11am – 9pm
 11th May 11am – 7pm
 地點: Salomon信義旗艦門市 台北市大安區信義路三段130號(近捷運大安站或大安森林公園站) 02-6617-9135
 Address: Salomon Xin-Yi Brand Store No.130, Sec. 3, Xinyi Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (Near MRT Daan Station and Daan Forest Park Station) 02-6617-9135
 Map 地圖:

1st May 2018
START LIST (include information about shuttle bus):
Pickup your race pack on Wed-Thu-Fri week of race in Salomon store.

DOWNLOAD GPX to your device (mandatory for TBT50) - find in course section:
you will receive Space Blanket in exchange with Entry Disclaimer during pickup or at the morning before start (for who receive by post)

as usually there is narrow entry to trail after 1km, it was improved, 
but we wish slower runners take it easy and stand behind faster runners and let them go ahead a bit. 
Especially for TBT25.

Who will break record or be under 10h for TBT50?
Official time limit for TBT50 is 17h, but you may be over little bit, we will still give you result. 
But  cut time in cpB 9:30am, cut time in cpC 3pm, sharp.

Special necklace for TBT50 finishers

<11h - Black Boar
11-13 - Golden Boar
13-15 - Golden Boar
15-17 - Bronze Boar
17+ - Dirty Boar (no necklace, but have result)
6th December 2017 Registration open for early birds
October 2017 TBT 2018 will be held 12th May 2018. Last decision to NOT held 80 and 100km in 2018/