There are few options for accommodation:

  • In race venue or nearby in campsites (order separately in TBR eshop)
  • Taipei in hotel or hostel (book by yourself, more tips in overseas section)

Below you will find some suggestions for accommodation,

Transportation information can find here.

If you are coming from oversea please check here.



  • 在比賽會場有露營區(需要選手,請於報名時登記)
  • 在台北住旅館或民宿(請自行預定)



in Taipei center

we recomend use accomodation around in center of Taipei, not far from shuttle bus (optional)

If you want cheaper hostel type accommodation or double room in Taipei center, we can recommend Formosa101:

For very convenient accommodation you may book in inHouse Hotel in center of Taipei (Ximendin MRT):

長城溪森林 Great Wall Creek Forest

  • 一人位700元,一間可容納4-6人,考量各人衛生習慣,小木屋內無提供寢具,請自備睡袋。
  • ,台幣800元 ,請自行攜帶帳篷及睡袋。
  • 300 x 300營帳空間 ,台幣1200元,請自行攜帶帳篷及睡袋。

In areal is possibility having simple accommodation in 4-6 beds cottage:

  • 700NTD for space in cottage for 5 - 6 person (own sleeping bag and mat necessary).
  • 800NTD space for middle size tent (own tent and sleeping bag necessary).
  • 1200NTD space for big size tent (own tent and sleeping bag necessary).


  • Spaces are very limited
  • It is prohibited book more spaces in cottage for one person, have to share with other runners.
  • Please do not let your personal things in cottage and pack your tent before start of race!
  • Space in cottage or for tent will be possible order in TBR eshop separately.
  • Two cottages will be used for incoming runners from 80 and 100km in night 27 to 28th May.

The Great Wall Creek Forest is situated 13 km from Taipei Xindian on Ankeng Road 110 on 34.5th kilometer (

Accessible public bus NO. 779 to bus stop from Xindian to Ankeng 13 (安坑里(安坑13號)[新巴士])

長城溪森林 - 新北市三峽區安坑里安坑路110縣道34.5KM處長城溪森林 (