date event 9/5/2020
registration will open in November for early birds



Spent some time to pick ITRA of runners who reach “late” cpA
We consider 8hours as safe time to manage TBT25, everything over 8 hours can turn to troubles as past years showed. This year were perfect weather condition.

here is some statistic:

• most of runners with ITRA under 350 did finish over 8 hours
• most of runners with ITRA over 350 came to cpA before 10am

ITRA is not dogma, but only one factor which organizers may know about participants, about YOU. ITRA PI do not say how your perform in various weather condition (hot,humid, muddy) or how well enjoy technical course.

Many of you talk about unfair of cut time for ADVENTURER and ELITE. Cut time is for safety only, we don`t mind if you finish over cut time in finish line. But safety first.

However TBT25 cut time was not suppose be in cpA, but in WFR c. 1.3km before cpA. After this statistic we will change WFR cut time at 9:15am (in bad weather earlier) (for slow runners take 30~45minutes reach cpA from this point)

to keep safety and avoid trail jam we will set approximately:
ELITE – ITRA PI of 380+ start 6:30
ADVENTURER – ITRA PI of 330+ (350+ recommended) start 7:00

*if not any ITRA record need contact us as many runners did this year. Similar for Formosa Trail 40km, you need ITRA-1 or contact us.

**fast runners has to be sure sign up for ELITE, awards (top7) are based on ranking in finish, not ranking given by net racing time.

You love TBT or hate it, often both!
Future of classics TBT is not so bright. We have to do some course, venue and logistic changes or not held TBT anymore. Lets hope we will find way…



Results for your revision. Please contact us before 14/5/2019 if any error, not correct name, nationality,… After will generate certificates and ITRA upload.

INFO EMAIL 2019/4/29

The Beast Trail is coming 11/5/2019. Play hard but safe. Here are several points to remind you.
Copy of this email is here; please distribute it to your friends who may not receive it: www.TBT.beast.run/news

  • Race Pack Pickup
    • 8,9,10th May 2019 in Salomon store
    • If you pickup for friend he or she need sign up entry disclaimer
    • Please overseas let us your contactable number on Entry Disclaimer
    • More instruction: http://www.tbt.beast.run/news/
  • Mandatory Equipment
    • Please note it is mandatory have GPS device with course for TBT50 and know how to get your current location coordinates, eg. 24.8305, 121.4839. This can be smart phone with app, please do not ask us how to use your device.
  • Shuttle bus and parking
    • If you have BIB in hand information is printed on BIB luggage attachment – show it in bus
    • If you do not have BIB (usually overseas) – please find your BIB/name on list with volunteer front of shuttle bus
    • Parking – please try share car, parking spaces are very limite. 100NTD
    • Bus back to Taipei will departure from venue at 1:30pm,2:30pm,4:30pm,6:30pm,8:00pm  please present you BIB
  • Accommodation in venue
    • Cottages are full (please bring your sleeping bag)
    • You can order space for your tent 800NTD up to 4 person in tent (need bring tent and sleeping bags)
  • Start times
    • TBT50 – 3:30am
    • TBT25 ELITE (white BIB) – 6:30am
    • TBT25 ADVENTURER (blue BIB) – 7:00am
    • TBT12 – 7:45am
    • TBT4 – 8:00am
    • It is NOT possible change distance during the run!!! Only Finish or DNF.
  • We introduce new cut time at 9:45am in location under cpA (9km of TBT 25k) –   24.919 121.477. Please do not rush, it is plenty of time to reach this point if you have proper fitness. Withdraw from race (DNF) in cpA is more complicated and far from venue!
    • TBT 50km has same cut times at 9:30am in cpB and 3pm in cpC. Shuttle bus for DNF in cpC will departure before 4pm! If you need go earlier please call taxi (address of venue is on map, for 50km map is attached to BIB).
    • NEVER leave course out of Check Point. Please clearly announce that you DNF and wait for record (and cut chip/bib) in check point!
    • In any need please contact +886 963-539346. Do not contact us on Facebook or email.
  • Awards and ranking
    • Finisher TBT dice and towel only for proper finisher, please pickup it in tent “Finisher Gift”. DNF may receive only towel.
    • We decided do awards of TOP7 male/female in 12,25,50km.
    • TBT25 is based on time of day crossing finish line for TOP7. But for overall ranking is taken clock time.
    • If two person finish together (hand in hand) they share position (eg. 2x second place, 3rd skipped, 4th is next and it is up to them how they share prizes)
    • You will receive ranking card right in finish and you have to be present for ceremony!
    • Currently 9:45:00 is course record for TBT50 and 3:09:20 for TBT25
    • Please follow your speed. If you feel not well slow down or stop. We have medic assistant in each check point and AED. And support of WFR on first climb under cpA, but still is too far and difficult provide first response quickly on these trail. Help each other is must!
  • Another important details
    • Storage – your BIB has bottom attachment, please mark your luggage
    • Wear BIB number on front. Wear chip wristband on wrist on opposite arm of you watch
    • NO cups in check points. NO dishes for food in finish. Please bring your own bowl. Warm food in cpC of TBT50, please take you bowl. Please ask if you have any diet restriction.
    • Venue have shower facilities (and river)
    • We do not recommend use poles for any of course
    • Do not block fast runners or take photos in narrow areas.
    • Have free hand during the run, you will need them.
    • Do not litter on course and separate garbage in venue.
    • Marking is done by PINK satin ribbon and RED with reflective stripe (for night sections). Additional arrows and split arrows (25/50km). There are not marshals on course. Rule of 2 minutes. If you do not see ribbons 2-3 minutes you may be in wrong trail.

INFO EMAIL 2019/4/25

Personal pickup in SALOMON store in TAIPEI (個人領取-台北)

領取時間 Pickup Hours:

  • 8th May 11am – 9pm
  • 9th May 11am – 9pm
  • 10th May 11am – 3pm
  • 地點: Salomon信義旗艦門市 台北市大安區信義路三段130號(近捷運大安站或大安森林公園站) 02-6617-9135
  • Address: Salomon Xin-Yi Brand Store No.130, Sec. 3, Xinyi Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (Near MRT Daan Station and Daan Forest Park Station) 02-6617-9135
  • Map 地圖: https://goo.gl/maps/CjQev4mC72G2

NOTICE 物資領取注意事項

  • PARTICIPANTS LIST (Find Your BIB number and shuttle bus): http://www.tbt.beast.run/participants/
  • 如果您無法親自到場領取,請列印參賽同意書並在上面簽名,並請朋友攜帶同意書代領取
  • Cannot pickup race pack? Your friend can do for you. Please print out Entry Disclaimer, sign it and give to us during race pack pickup.
  • 連結文件將於此 download Entry Disclaimer: http://www.event.beast.run/waiver

SALOMON gear recommendation

Salomon Sense系列野跑鞋腳感佳且輕量化,其中進階款的SENSE PRO 2特別適合長距離越野使用,低鞋跟落差腳感可更靈敏貼地,保持更有效的跑姿,前腳掌碳纖維彈性支撐片搭配濕地牽引型大底,適合潮濕、變化多、難度高的賽道地形。SENSE PRO 2將於Salomon信義建國門市提供跑者優惠價格,敬請期待!

Read more 更多產品產品推薦: https://www.starlike.com.tw/2019/04/02/the-beast-trail-salomon/