• Date (preliminary): 11th May 2019
  • Location: Taiwan – 40 minutes from Taipei
  • Organizers: Taiwan Beast Runners
  • Distances:
    • 50公里台湾野猪 50 km of Formosan Wild Boar
    • 25公里台湾称山羌 25 km of Formosan Barking Deer
    • 12公里瘋台灣獼猴 12 km of Formosan Rock Macaque
    • 4公里台灣小鼯鼠 4 km of Formosan Flying Squirrel




The Beast Trail is designed in very wild nature of Taipei surrounding. It is definitely first race of challenge type in Taiwan. It was designed by obsessed trail runners, Taiwan Beast Runners. Race course leads in deep forests trails of Taiwan with very technical parts and many difficulties. The longest category is semi-autonomy and it requires carry full equipment and adequate physical skills of runners to cover this. There is a minimum of asphalt routes, but lot deep woods with steep climbs.

There are not official requirements for longest course, but everybody has to consider own skills. Organizers encourage finish this course and opened category for team of two or max. three runners. In this race you will get priceless experiences in new style of trail running, Beast Style and be ready for another challenge.

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